Integrated Computer Augmented Virtual Environment

ICAVE Ice-Demo and Documentation

The I-CAVE team created a Demo for showcasing and training anyone who wants to use the I-CAVE in
their projects. The demo covers some of the basic features of the Unity Engine as well as some of the
functionality behind the GetReal3D plug-in and how to integrate this plugin with any already existing
Unity projects. The Ice Demo includes a working game with Audio that utilizes the tracking features of
the I-CAVE and some of the buttons from the controller.
The ICE-Demo features a “Pacman” style game from the first person perspective in 3D. In the game the
player must capture the blue crystals avoiding the hover-cars that are hovering around the ice in the map.
Collecting the blue crystals raises the player’s score which is displayed in a tv-screen that moves
alongside the player throughout the level. Once enough crystals are collected the player will win. If the
player gets hit too many times before he can collected the crystals the player will lose the game.
Note from the team: This particular Demo does not use the Wand or the User Interface feature
that come with the GetReal3D plug-in. Those features will be covered in other demos. This demo is
focused on building a project on the Unity Engine that will run on the I-CAVE at 60 frames per second.


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