Integrated Computer Augmented Virtual Environment

FIU I-CAVE presents First Folio…

T H E   G L O B E   T H E A T E R   E X P E R I E N C E : A collaborative student project

The First Folio: The Globe Theater Experience is an interactive digital narrative that brings Shakespeare’s London to life. Using FIU’s ICAVE, this stylized representation of Early Modern London creates a virtual reality experience of what it may have been like to see a play at The Globe Theater. Participants will step into the shoes of a Spanish merchant who is making his way to see a showing of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Along the way, they will experience the chaos of the area around The Globe, as well as learn what it was really like to see a play at the iconic theater in 1598. See the First Folio, and then experience the theater that brought the play to life.