Welcome to the FIU Integrated Computer Augmented Virtual Environment (I-CAVE)…

The I-CAVE’s first presentation is a collaborative project by students from English, Computer Science, Architecture, Theater, Fine Arts and Modern Languages. This project is one of many components of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s national traveling exhibition First Folio at FIU.

I-Cave presents First Folio…

T H E   G L O B E   T H E A T E R   E X P E R I E N C E : A collaborative student projectimage_Globe theater

The First Folio: The Globe Theater Experience is an interactive digital narrative that brings Shakespeare’s London to life. Using FIU’s ICAVE, this stylized representation of Early Modern London creates a virtual reality experience of what it may have been like to see a play at The Globe Theater. Participants will step into the shoes of a Spanish merchant who is making his way to see a showing of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Along the way, they will experience the chaos of the area around The Globe, as well as learn what it was really like to see a play at the iconic theater in 1598. See the First Folio, and then experience the theater that brought the play to life.

FIU News: Visit Shakespeare’s London at FIU’s new virtual reality facility

Visit Shakespeare’s London at FIU’s new virtual reality facility
It’s 1598, and you’re on your way to the Globe Theater to watch one of Shakespeare’s plays. You walk along the dirt roads and the green fields of London and you realize you can see the London Bridge in the distance. A vagabond asks you for a coin, and you find the village houses and the town market bustling with customers. Once you arrive at the theater, … Click Here To Read More