Integrated Computer Augmented Virtual Environment

Setting Up Voice Control for ICAVE

We have developed a plugin for Unity and getReal3D that will allow you to control anything in your ICAVE project with the sound of your voice in just a few minutes, it is a drag and drop package for Unity that works with the getReal3D RpcManager to automatically call functions across both nodes.

Downloads and UnityPackage Source

For the latest unitypackage release please go to

For the unitypackage source please go to

Setting up Google Cloud Speech

The plugin uses the Google Cloud Speech API so you will have to set up your own Google Cloud Platform account, and create a project. After you create your project you need to activate access to the Google Cloud Speech API from the API Library and generate an API Key from the credentials section in the Google Cloud Console.

More details on setting up Google Cloud is available here

Setting up the Unity Plugin

Download the latest .unitypackage available from the project GitHub here. Make sure you have imported the latest getReal3D plugin first  then import everything in the package to your current Unity project


You should now have a folder inside your Assets folder named GoogleCloudSpeech, inside Assets/GoogleCloudSpeech there is a prefab called SpeechRecognition. Click on SpeechRecognition and drag it into the Unity world. 

Select the SpeechRecognition object from the hierarchy to view it inside the inspector. You should now see various configuration settings inside the prefab, what each setting does is explained in the project wiki on GitHub and in the tool-tips inside the inspector, but for now we’ll only touch the “Google Speech Api Key” and set it to be our Google Cloud Api Key .

Congratulations! The Google Cloud Speech Api is now setup and ready to begin taking commands.